<ceb/> provides a built-in solution for templating which relies on three main components.

The first component is the template engine. Its purpose is to patch the DOM incrementally. The implementation and the underlying API is similar to incremental-dom. The main difference is the full support of Custom Elements, especially the handling of a Grey DOM, or scope.

The engine is part of the NPM package @tmorin/ceb-templating-engine.

The second component is a user-friendly interface which operates the command. Presently, the library provides an interface leveraging on the Tagged Templates. Its usage is cover in the Template literal section.

The user-friendly interface is part of the NPM package @tmorin/ceb-templating-literal.

Finally, the third component is a builder which enhances a method of the Custom Element: TemplateBuilder. So that, when the enhanced method is invoked, the Custom Element's content is dynamically updated.

The builder is part of the NPM package @tmorin/ceb-templating-builder.